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January 28, 2020 2 min read

It's 6am on February 1st, and my iPhone alarm is sounding. Like a rehearsed dance, I tap the snooze button. And then, the shame immediately floods my soul. The same shame that has come with that 6am alarm, every morning since January 2nd, as I question whether or not I should slip on those running shoes and finally commit to my December 31st resolution. Bleh.


Ya feel me on that one? Woman, yes. 

And while I can't convince you to get your gorgeous butt out of bed and move that amazing bod of yours, nor can I tame the shame that we all feel when we are oh-so-hard on ourselves. BUT, I can absolutely guide you toward an aspect of fulfilling your greatest 2020 goal: honoring YO'SELF through FASHION.


Goal 1: Play Time

One of my 2020 #fashiongoals is to put less effort into what I put on in the morning. Yes, you read that correctly. And no, I'm not talking about releasing the act of caring- cause honey, I love channeling my well-dressed woman. I'm talking about the simple act of playing with my wardrobe; imagine Sanctuary army green joggers and a lace cami.

Let's step it up with a wide-brim hat and booties. And then, a furry, statement jacket with color block magic. Yep, I'm going there... all. year. long.


Goal 2: Rocker Kisses

It's emerging yet again, and I'm ready. I love mixing rock-n-roll chic with elegance. It's both glamorous and edgy, especially when you change it up with light denim.

Throw on those hoops and turn heads. And you know how easy it is to embrace your wild child? Rock that studded statement jacket over a flowing skirt and turtleneck... helloooo, office perfection! Or how about a graphic tee, cropped denim, and snakeskin booties? YES PLEASE. I'll say it again and again- be fearless in your play!


Goal 3: The Feminine & The Edge

Okay I couldn't help myself... cause this rocker style is obsession-worthy. This year, a #fashiongoal of mine is to not only mix patterns, colors, and all the funky, but to mix styles. I want to wear that flowing, sunshine-inviting dress that allows my feminine to emerge, while showcasing my badass with my Free People leather jacket and concert booties.

I want more pops of color, and I want to tempt the fashion unexpected. Heck, I'm even thinking of leggings (or those gorgeous army green joggers), heels, a chunky sweater, and a messy bun. Maybe I'll even grace my shoulders or my hips with one of my winter leopard pieces... ooo lala!


So bottom-line? PLAY. Have fun. Be fearless in your fashion freedom and pursuits! And when you need help, stop on in, and one of our in-house stylists will hook you up, support you, and empower that fierceeee 2020 style!