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December 17, 2019 2 min read

 Don't get me wrong, curve-hugging denim, long sleeve bodysuits, and sweaters have always been royally sexy. Heck, even an oversized vintage tee and my boyfriend's plaid pajama pants feel sexy this season. But let's talk about skin- and if you enjoy embracing your natural glow, then this is the article for you.


Show A Little Shoulder

We have transitioned from sun-kissed to snow-kissed. And just because our shoulders are glowing under candlelight verses the sunshine these days, revealing a little shoulder can still be a thing. So show em off, Mama! Showcase your hint of sexy with an oversized sweater or with our favorite piece this season, the asymmetrical, open shoulder tee. Pair with dark wash denim, booties, and a wink.


Give Sexy A Twist


Ladies. Why is lace-up everything so timelessly sexy? And can you imagine a sweatshirt, a wardrobe piece that is often deemed the least sexy of all closet inhabitants, with a lace-up revamp? Well helloooo, nurse! You're. Welcome. I've heard she loves complementing relaxed-fit jeans and gold hoops.


Cropped and Sassy


With the current trend of cropped everything, why not finally give in? Show a peek of that yoga core and shamelessly stretch those arms over that gorgeous head of yours



Not wanting to show off your tummy? Woman, I have you- shorter sweaters look incredible with high-rise denim and a fabulous front tuck. 


Still nervous? My favorite addition is a bodysuit; rock the cropped trend AND that long-sleeve winter coverage. Shimmering studs and a messy bun? Yes, please. 

The sexiest aspect of winter, you ask? Lipstick. Not I'm just kidding- It's YOU, BOO! Just the way you are! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Congratulations on a Year of Style! May 2020 be a year of fairy tale abundance, gratitude, and a closet that invites daily inspiration (and wildly fabulous shoes)!