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February 05, 2020 2 min read

I am Stasia Aste and I have worked at Pilar Boutique for one year now. I am Ana's one and only employee and I am going to tell you what this past year at Pilar has brought me.


About Me

Little about me! Life has been a crazy ride let me tell ya. I got pregnant at the end of my senior year in high school. At that point I was not thriving through life, I was only existing. Kept my head down, hid my growing belly. I graduated high school and months later gave birth to my son. From that point on, everything I did in life was for my precious little baby.

I was a single mom and worked multiple jobs while getting my degree. After working my booty off for a couple of years, things were finally starting to look up. I had graduated college, started working at my dream job (aka Pilar), and eventually bought my first house. All by the time I was 22. 

 Isn't he a little cutie?!


Life at Pilar

I never thought working at a small boutique in Downtown Loveland would teach me so much. I’ve honestly learned more here than I did in college. I've learned what it's like to run a small business, and it is not easy. Not only do I make sales while on the floor, I create emails, create instagram and website content, enter all of our beautiful products, and much more! 

I barely made it through my photography class in high school but here I am styling and shooting photoshoots and killinggg it! 

My son came to one of our photoshoots and he said, "Is this a party?". Um YES! Work is FUN and sometimes feels (and looks) like a party. 

I do not just work at Pilar to get paid, I work here for the friendships I’ve made, all the amazing experience I am earning, and being a part of the loving community of small businesses in downtown Loveland.


Working For Ana

Oh, and have I mentioned I have a great boss?? Like actually the best boss ever. Ana has helped me grow, learn, and become the person I am today. She pushes me to try new things, even if it's out of my comfort zone. 

Ever since getting pregnant in high school, I had been punishing myself over it. I didn’t allow myself to be happy or get excited about anything happening in my life. I didn’t think I deserved happiness. All that mattered to me was to be successful for my son and give him a good life.

Taking on the responsibilities at Pilar and working along side Ana has shown me a whole new light. Ana has shown me my worth and that I am a person, an individual, and I am valued. Working for someone who believes in you and wants you to be successful makes work a million times better. 


So that's me! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and learn a little about me and life at Pilar. Come see me at Pilar and let's shop!