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January 05, 2021 2 min read

We are SO excited to carry Riddle Oil here at Pilar!

Each Riddle oil gives you a sense of calm & happy. They are beautiful subtle scents that are uniquely like nothing you have smelt before. 

The concentrated roll-on fragrances look small but last a long time. They are pure fragrance oils containing no carrier/filler oils. A dab on the neck and swipe on the wrist will keep you smelling great all day.

And a plus, these roll on oils are vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and EU certified.


These are the four scents we are currently carrying:


Scent Category - Clean and Subtle

Scent Notes - Amber | Musk


Scent Category - Spicy and Woody

Scent Notes - Cardamom | Amber | Sandalwood | Orchid | Cassis


Scent Category - Sweet and Floral

Scent Notes - Coconut | Peony | Magnolia | Bergamot | Sandalwood | Amber


Scent Category - Oriental and Warm

Scent Notes - Vanilla | Sandalwood | Amber


My personal favorite is the Original scent for every day wear. 

The Voyeur scent is my pick for a date night or special occasions.



Here is more about Riddle Oil:

"We are inspired to make people feel more confident through their scent. We wanted to make scents not necessarily for different people but for different occasions. We have seven signature scents, all of them with a distinct personality; some are great for subtle everyday wear; some are more sensual, some more playful, but all very unique. We also believe that less is more in the fragrance world. We create scents that are not overpowering but rather quietly inviting. Our oils sit close to the body and trail as the person walks or simply creates an aura around the person."

 Grab your favorite Riddle Oil in-store or online.

Xo Stasia


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