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February 10, 2021 1 min read

Pandemic or not, I LOVE a date night in. Cuddling up on the couch watching Netflix can be just as romantic as a fancy dinner out. The best part about a Valentine's Day date night in is you can wear whatever you want. Wear that sexy dress or stay comfy in your sweat set.


1. Serve breakfast in bed (or have your partner serve you breakfast in bed)

2. Grab take out & park the car somewhere with a pretty view while you eat

3. Binge watch a new Netflix show together

4. Make a home cooked dinner together

5. Go on a sunrise or sunset hike - bring along a picnic

6. Wine/Beer Tasting - grab a mix pack of beer or new types of wine and create your own tasting

7. Create a Spa Night - Take a relaxing/romantic bath & pop some champagne

8. Have a candlelit indoor picnic by the fireplace

9. Order a pizza & have a game night

10. Grab coffee & walk around downtown


    Date Night in Outfit Inspiration | 


    I personally can't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day-in this year! We get to avoid the crowded restaurants and making a reservation weeks in advance. 

    Have fun & get creative about how to spend Valentine's Day together this year! 

    I hope everyone has an amazing & safe Valentine's Day.

    Xo Stasia


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