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H2a Botanicals Body Scrub

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Exfoliate. Regenerate. Replenish.

Exfoliation, moisturization, and cell regenerative properties combine to leave your skin positively radiant. This sugar scrub works to renew your toughest skin for a smooth you have yet to experience.


  • Neroli 17/Calendula
  • Lavender 35/Calendula


Directions for use: Apply small amount to palm and gently rub over desired area. Rinse off, and towel pat dry.


Ingredients: Wildcrafted & Organic*

Olive Oil*,Local Beeswax*, Cocoa Butter*, Love, Shea Butter*,Authenticity, Coconut Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Avocado Oil*, Olive Oil*,Gratitude, Sugar*, Custom Essential Oil Blend*, Vitamin E Oil*.

Infusion: Calendula*

Keeping it Pure:

H2a Botanicals products are synthetic fragrance-free, paraben free, and GMO free. These functionally formulated skin care products that have no artificial fillers, are small batched, and curated with authenticity.

Made in Colorado